To build quality, stability and scalability into all of our solutions, and create optional support services that match budget, balance and flexibility. To assemble the most accomplished staff of IT professionals and provide our clients with innovative and mature techniques to grow and evolve.

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in the New York City area, Hawk Technologies employs only leading specialized technology consultants. This alongside our growing client list has validated our business, enabling us to be one of the fastest growing, specialized IT consulting firms in the industry.

Today's emerging technology trends are placing unprecedented demands on the development and design of enterprise foundations. It is Hawk's goal to provide solutions to Fortune 1000 companies who recognize the potential of their rapid enterprise growth yet wish to carefully manage this expansion. By employing leading systems administrators, engineers and developers, in addition to aligning ourselves with select technology vendors, we are able to address all facets of systems integration. These include server design, administration and security for mail, file, database and web services.

Operating Principles
Our worth is not measured by knowledge and effort alone. Hawk's true merit is validated by the desire to fulfill our clients needs and our sense of guardianship over the responsibilities we are entrusted with. Our desire is to offer our clients the ability to succeed. It is through their accomplishments that we measure our own.

Management Style
At Hawk Technologies, we believe that the most effective way to manage our highly skilled and intelligent staff is to set the guidelines for common goals and empower employees to reach them. We achieve this by: Defining our purpose - Learn from each of our employees their personal goals, combine them with business objectives and fashion them into a single focus for the company. Providing vision - Choose the paths to these common goals and navigate the course ahead such that all may prosper Nurturing new ideas - Discover new ideas and information, use our skills to cultivate them, and work to foster their acceptance in the larger technology community. Being role models - Exhibit qualities of trust, loyalty, integrity, perseverance and creativity with a solid work ethic.

Professional and Personal Development
One of our main responsibilities is to enhance the talents of our employees. We must support them in the development of new skills and continually improve their present skills to meet the changes in the marketplace. This creates a drive among the employees to pursue new ideas and new methodologies. This yields many positive effects such as employees who grow personally as well as professionally and who are more focused and comprehensive in their skills, interests and abilities.

The Company as a Community
Hawk's success is based upon its ability to create a sense of unity among our diverse team of employees. This community, by working together, builds loyalty and trust and the drive to succeed.

By retaining the wealth within its membership, we create a better workplace, gain security and continue to focus on our common goals. This is a trickle- down economic model where everybody is responsible for and shares in our success.