Consulting Services
Increasingly complex network requirements and rapidly changing application bases require engineering solid technical architectures to provide the necessary support to business units. These architectures must also adapt with a rapidly changing market. Some examples of the services that Hawk Technologies provides in this area include:
  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention Design
  • Incident Countermeasures
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Firewall Assessments
  • Customized Security Models
  • Operating Systems Transitions and Migrations
  • Windows Administration
  • System Migrations (e.g., Solaris to Linux; Physical to Virtual)
  • Naming and Messaging Architectures(e.g., DNS, LDAP, SMTP, ODSEE)
  • Mass Storage Management
  • Linux & Solaris Administration
  • Secure VoIP Design and Rollouts
  • Software Distribution
  • Server Management
  • Event Notification
  • Intranet Systems Management
  • Client and Server Build Processes
  • High Availability Architectures (HA)
  • Virtual Infrastructure Design
  • Secure Voice and Data Solutions
The Hawk Technologies Engineering Team, in conjunction with the Hawk Technologies Network Applications Team, designs and implements services to include the authoring of site docuementation and procedures to assist in the day to day management and efficiency/automation to keep things running smoothly.

From planning and design to architecture, engineering, and optimization, Hawk is there for you as your trusted partner.